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Since the 1980s, we have been specialising in automotive gearbox in Singapore. We are the true specialists amidst a field of “general practitioners” workshops out there. We live and breathe automotive gearboxes for Continental, Japanese and Korean cars.

Below are the services that we provide at our workshop, other than repairing and servicing of gearboxes.


A detailed point by point diagnostics is necessary to detect irregularities and out of sync components within the transmission unit. This will lead to an accurate remedial recommendation that allows you to make an informed decision.


A transmission rebuild may be necessary when the issues are major and a simple replacement/realignment will not suffice to ensure continuous problem-free mobility. This is only carried out when a direct replacement is not a viable solution. Undaunted by taking it all apart, our certified experts will reconstruct your transmission according to each manufacturer’s specifications.


Much like the discipline of changing your engine oil within 10,000km or 6 months of usage, the transmission unit has a consumable that is often overlooked, the ATF. At the same time, these regular checks (once every 40,000km or as recommended by manufacturer) is an opportunity to help detect any potential transmission failure and avoid a costly repair or even rebuild.


The much dreaded engine fault indicator may be attributed to a transmission issue. When this happens, a repair may be necessary by our experts to minimize further damage and avoid a total rebuild. Only parts that are at fault will be expertly replaced, realigned and synced to ensure that you get back on the road swiftly and safely.


With age and forced obsolescence, comes a need for replacements; we can make the renewal process seamless.


Our expertise goes beyond nursing a ‘sick’ transmission. For those who exercise forward-planning, we will advise you best preemptive measure and treatments for the inevitable aging as well as wear and tear of your vehicle’s transmission.

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Doctor Gearbox was branded in 2014 and aims to reach the ultimate vision of a centre of excellence for after-market automotive transmission. We work closely with manufacturers and take pride in our craft that requires expert execution abilities. With our considerable experience from prior establishments in the local automotive scene, we feel that the time is ripe for a concentration of dedicated transmission specialists under the same roof.

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5 star! Great service, cheap prices, excellent workmanship! The team here, got my aged Škoda working like brand new, again... Thank you Ah Hui and the rest of the crew!

Replaced Honda Airwave CVT gearbox with fast turnaround time and reasonable price. Very humble, honest and knowledgeable boss. Solved my shudder issue about 90% that is due to throttle and iac valve too

Thru teleconversation, he (Ah Hui) sounded so down to earth and simple, makes you might think that his is just another street-side workshop until you visit him. Handed him my B200 for bearing replacement. After two days it turn out to be good and affordable. A workshop you can trust..